A Fly Sitting On A Lawnmower Handle Soaking Up The Sun.

This Is Hilarious.

Once there was a fly sitting on a lawnmower handle soaking up the sun.

All of a sudden a little boy came running out of the house, eating a bologna sandwich and dropped a piece of bologna on the concrete walk by the lawnmower.

The fly saw it and decided to fly down to the walk and eat.

The fly ate some, then flew back up to the handle to rest.

Then the fly would fly back down and eat some more, and then fly back up to the handle.

The fly did this several times until it was so full it could hardly fly anymore.

Sitting on the handle, the fly looked down and saw a little piece of bologna left.

The fly didn’t want another fly or ant to eat its food, so the fly flew off the handle to eat the rest, but was so full, that the fly fell and splat on the sidewalk.

There is a moral to this story…

Don’t be flying off the handle when you are full of baloney.