Find Out What This Gentleman Did With His Banana,

A gentleman took a train from Cambridge to London.

He took a seat and became aware that the man on the opposite seat had a banana in his ear.

The gentleman hesitated over whether to point the man out that a banana was in his ear.

The situation was rather awkward and he was unsure of how to tell them the man.

The gentleman hesitated for about an hour, but when the guard announced that the train would arrive at London shortly, the gentleman made up his mind and talked to the man,

“Excuse me. You have a banana in your ear.”

“What!?” The man called him back to him, as one with poor hearing might.

He said again with louder voice, “A ba-na-na is in your ear!”

The man attempted to read the gentleman’s lips but could not and finally replied:

“Sorry, I cannot hear you. I have a banana in my ear!”


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