A Father Was Telling His Son A Bedtime Story.

This Is Super Funny.

A father was telling his son a bedtime story

“Once upon a time, there was a tortoise and a hare.

The hare was boastful and bragged that he was the fastest of all the creatures.

The tortoise then decided to challenge the hare to a race.

So the two set a course, and the race began. The hare ran as fast as he could…..”

“Sorry Dad, but I’ve heard this story before. The hare later takes a nap and the tortoise overtakes him”

“Oh no, the hare made it to the finish line first”


“Of course. You don’t think the hare is so stupid as to take a rest in the middle of a race, would you?”

“So the moral is, be as swift as the hare”

“No, because then an eagle went after the hare. The hare was too tired from the race, and was easily caught by the eagle.”


“Yes, and the tortoise laughed quietly, as his plan to end the hare’s bragging succeeded brilliantly.”

“So the moral is, be as devious as the tortoise?”

“No, because the eagle came back and caught him too.”


“Yes. Now, what’s the real moral here?”

“……..Be the eagle?”

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