A Father And Son Little Johnny Went To A Zoo.

This Is Hilarious.

A Father and son Little Johnny from Germany went to a zoo in Australia

So upon arrival, the little Johnny pointed at the first animal he saw.

Staring at a kangaroo he asked:

“Daddy what is this animal called?”

“Well, my son, this animal lives especially in Australia and it’s called a dangerou.” answered dad.

The Little Johnny looked around and saw a lion standing on a hill.

His eyes began to shine and he yelled:

“Wow, dad! What kind of animal is that?!”

The father said:

“This is the king of the jungle and it’s called a dangerou.”

Suddenly they heard the sound of an elephant nearby.

They went a little closer and the Little Johnny said:

“Daddy we don’t have these big animals back in Germany, right? What is it called?”

Father replied:

“Correct, Johnny, this animal is one of the biggest animals in the world and it’s called a dangerou.”

The little Johnny frowned and asked:

“But dad, weren’t the other animals also called dangerou?”

“Correct again!” father said.

“You still have a lot to learn little boy, but once you understand the English language, you can read the signs saying ‘all animals are dangerous’.”

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