A Farmer Went To The Local Bank To Borrow Money For A New Bull.

This Is Super Funny.

A farmer went to the local bank to borrow money for a new bull.

The loan was made and Banker Bill, who lent the money, came by a week later to see how the bull was doing.

The farmer complained that the bull just ate grass and wouldn’t even look at a cow.

Banker Bill suggested that he have a veterinarian take a look at the bull.

Next week, Banker Bill returned to see if the vet had helped.

The farmer looked very pleased.

“The bull has serviced all of my cows! He broke through the fence, and bred all my neighbor’s cows! He’s been breeding just about everything in sight. He’s like a machine”!

“Wow,” said Banker Bill,

“what did the vet do to that bull”?

“Just gave him some pills”, replied the farmer.

“What kind of pills” asked Banker Bill?

“I don’t know, but they kind of taste like peppermint”.

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