A Boy, His Uncle, And A Cat On A Farm.

This Will Make You Laugh Crazy.

A father comes home to his son one day and says that they’ll have to move for a while.

He’s going out on a business trip and his mother is in hospital for a car accident, so the child has to stay with his uncle for a while.

His uncle is a farmer, and so the boy arrives on the farm.

He’s only allowed to bring what he can carry, as well as his pet cat.

So, he meets with his uncle and despite being a rather harsh man due to his work, he’s well meaning.

Not to mention, he seems to be quite a fan of cats ever since his wife met an unfortunate end at the hoof of one of the farms horses.

So the boy is going to bed, and he lets the cat out for the night.

A few hours later, he wakes to the sound of screaming.

He comes outside and his uncle is running about absolutely swamped in baby chicks and kittens.

They seemed to have just sprung up overnight.

Hes trying to herd them all into a small, boxed off area but its so damn difficult while trying not to hurt them.

The boy, naturally confused, asks what happened.

The farmer replies “Your cat got into the chickens roost”, to which the boy replies “Yea, so what?”.

His uncle promptly shoots back,

“haven’t your parents told you what happens when you leave a pu$sy and a cock alone in a house overnight?”

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