Blissfully Unaware People

Oh, to be this unaware in life!

Y’all…I can’t even describe how jealous I am of these completely, blissfully unaware humans. If any of you are like me, then you’re the complete opposite of these folks. I’m always HYPERaware of my surroundings (because what if I get kidnapped, DUH? Sidenote: I should stop watching Criminal Minds). But praise all of these humans who are too busy living their lives to be fully aware of anything going on around them. 

This girl has no clue she’s being photobombed.

Look at his smile! He’s happier than she is! Godspeed.

Poor little innocent BB.

He doesn’t realize where he’s sleeping. HOW CUTE IS HE?! Weird how this has happened to me before as well?

This person about to be attacked by some cones.

Did she pre-plan this? If so, I’m into it.

This little girl who clearly doesn’t know how to play hide-and-seek.

I can’t tell if this is genius or insane. Also a little terrifying to look at!?