A Bird Had Long Traveled The Country Side.

What Follows Next Is Mind Blowing.

A bird had long traveled to the countryside.

He was never content with his meager life and sought a purpose.

One day, the bird came upon quite a sight!

A massive clearing in the woods was absolutely infested with animals of all kinds.

From the mighty lions to the slithering snakes, to the wise owls, to the towering Giraffes.

Even odder than this sight, however, was the fact that all these animals were standing in front of a massive door carved into the side of a cliff.

The bird approached and asked a friendly-looking hedgehog what all this was about.

She filled the bird in on the details:

All these animals had sensed a mysterious calling from beyond the door, and they knew they must somehow get inside…

But what actually lay beyond, no one knew.

However, it was locked tight! Everyone was trying to figure out how to get inside.

Just as the hedgehog finished, a pack of Gorillas stepped forward.

The largest stood up and beat his chest, proclaiming “We the strong Gorillas! We beat down the door with our fists!”

And sure enough the group started to pound on the door with all their might.

Their effort was to no avail, as the door did not budge.

Next, a snake slithered forward.

“I could ssslitherr inssside the lock, and sssee how it worksss from the insssiiide…”

A giraffe volunteered and lifted the snake up to the lock with his long neck.

The animals waited for a tense five minutes.

The snake eventually emerged, defeated. “‘Tisss no ussse… I can’t make sssenssse of it.”

The crowd began to grow restless, and things were looking to become hostile really quickly.

The bird slipped between the legs of the animals and stood before them all.


All the animals stopped and stared at the small bird standing before them.

A hyena started laughing: “Haw! What could you do, little bird? Our mightiest ones, our wisest ones, our craftiest ones could do nothing!”

The bird stood taller and fluffed his feathers proudly.

He had found his purpose.

“That… Is the Turdoor. It has a Turlock, and I am the Turkey.”

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