9 brilliant reasons to use baby powder in your garden

Baby powder is a powder keg of home-remedy ideas. From easing chaffing (eep!) to freshening up the litter box, this handy item is good for more than protecting baby bottoms. Available at most stores (and on the cheap at some dollar stores), you’ll want to stock up on a few bottles after you see how it can help your garden.
This innocent-looking powder packs quite a punch, and everything will smell a little bit sweeter too!
1. Kiss ants goodbye
Get rid of the pesky picnic killers by sprinkling baby powder around the outside of your house. Ants don’t like the material and will stay away. Alternatively, you can try this 3-ingredient solution.


2. Protect plant roots

Protect your next batch of flowers from root rot by coating them in baby powder. The powder protects the roots from too much moisture

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3. Freshen Fido
Keep your furry friend from bringing the outdoor stink inside by giving him a quick brush down with baby powder. It helps remove excess oil and leaves your pal smelling baby fresh.
4. Get your gloves off
After a hard day of working in the garden, it can be a pain to get those sticky gloves off. Next time, coat the inside with a bit of baby powder before wearing them to make removal easier, Bold Sky suggests.
5. Keep your garden boots fresh
If your work boots (or sneakers) are starting to smell, add a little baby powder to the inside soles. The powder sucks up moisture, preventing mold and stink.
6. Keep rabbits away
Fine Gardening recommends adding a bit of baby powder to young seeds to keep bunnies from noshing on the plants. (For older plants, try garlic powder.)
7. Buh-bye beetles
If Japanese beetles are infesting your garden and making a buffet of your favorite plants, sprinkle the leaves with baby powder. Love to Know suggests reapplying baby powder after it rains until the beetle season passes.
8. Deter nighttime visitors
Rabbits and beetles aren’t the only critters who’ll shy away from this magic white powder. Raccoons and opossums will steer clear of your vegetables if you surround them with baby powder. The feel of the powder on their paws irritates these critters, so they’ll stay away.
9. Coat tools
Keep your hands blister-free by dusting baby powder on your tools. The powder will also keep your hands from slipping while you work.