10 Silly, Sassy, and Strange Text Messages from Grandmas Embracing Technology

At least they try!

Even though your Grandma has lived a full life and is a fount of wisdom when it comes to most things, texting probably isn’t one of them!

As one of the most utilised forms of communication in the 21st century, however, it is likely that your Grandma has tried to wrap her head around sending text messages and has sometimes used them to  connect with you.

At least she’s trying right?

But sometimes the results are just downright hilarious as the text messages below will show!

Here are 10 text messages from grandmothers trying to embrace technology and their amused grandchildren …

1.  Many people like to think of their age in presidential terms, right?

2. Thanks for rubbing it in, Grandma

3. “To soup” as in “to lunch” or “to dinner” Gran?

4. I’m sorry, whose children?

5. You can almost get the gist of this one!

At least we can get the gist.

6. You’re not being nosy at all Grandma!

7. Maybe skip the challenge altogether?

8. This grandma hasn’t forgotten what it means to party!

9. One lucky grandchild gets a new nickname every night

10. It really doesn’t have to be either or Gran. You can be cute AND old!

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